Sohel Surani

Sohel Surani MREI Candidate 2019
Sohel Surani

After completing his MBA in 2009, Sohel worked in a number of corporate finance roles across different industries in the U.S., and brings with him a strong financial analysis and modelling perspective that he marries with his true passion, real estate.

Sohel’s foray into real estate was more the result of chance than plan, but since starting his own small U.S.-based multi-family real estate investment operation in 2012, he tap dances into work every day. As owner, investor, handyman, marketer and manager, Sohel wore many hats while his portfolio grew before he ultimately handed over reins to a property management company. His management experience has given him great insights into the business and makes him appreciative of the day-to-day challenges of running multi-family assets, as well the incredible influence good management can have in securing strong returns for investors.

At Schulich, Sohel aims to gain experience in the world of larger real estate transactions, including the financing and legal aspects, as well as gain greater insight into the development process as means to backward integration and synergies. He desires to be a champion for sustainable, affordable housing that addresses the twin problems of affordability and climate change – both critical issues that most large urban areas in North America face today.

In his free time, Sohel likes to work on his website, blog about issues related to the multi-family sector, or explore quirky, interesting neighbourhoods around town. He is also part of the Schulich Real Estate and Infrastructure Club (SREIC) executive team.

Sohel has a Bachelor of Engineering from Mumbai University and an MBA from the Georgia Institute of Technology.