Rowan El-Bialy

Rowan El-Bialy
Rowan El-Bialy

PhD Candidate, Business Administration
Area of Study: Marketing
Anticipated Graduating Year: 2022

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Educational Background

Present PhD Candidate, Business Administration
Schulich School of Business – York University
Toronto, Canada
Advisor: Prof. Dr. Eileen Fischer / Prof. Dr. Ela Veresiu
MSc in Community Health and Humanities
Memorial University
BSc (Hons.) in Psychology
University of Alberta

Research Interests – Work in Progress

Positioned within the field of Consumer Culture Theory, my current research uses qualitative methods such as critical discourse analysis to examine how ideological work shapes marketplaces and consumer experiences by way of powerful messaging. I am involved in projects that examine power and discourse in the cases of policy changes (e.g., payday loans, cannabis legalization) and the use of public services (e.g., nursing homes, emergency departments). Theoretically, I engage with work on the political shaping of consumption and ethics in a capitalist society. My theoretical lens draws on Foucauldian conceptions of power, practice theory and embodied knowledge, as well as research from political psychology on distributive justice.

Awards and Honours

Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program Doctoral Scholarship, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)

International Early Career Scholar Travel Grant, Society for Psychological Anthropology

The Dr. Alfred T. H. Burness Graduate Award in Medicine, Memorial University

Dean’s Fellowship – Master’s Level, Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University

Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) Banting and Best Graduate Scholarship- Master’s Award

Canadian Mental Health Association Research Award

Women’s Association of Memorial University of Newfoundland Research Award

F. A. Aldrich Graduate Fellowship, Memorial University

Certificate of Academic Excellence- Outstanding Thesis Award, Canadian Psychological Association

The Dean’s Silver Medal in Science, University of Alberta

Margaret Ruth Crawford Memorial Award, University of Alberta

Population Health Research Network (PHIRNET) Summer Institute Nomination

Academic Achievement Award, University of Alberta

Dean’s List, Faculty of Science, University of Alberta

German Government Book Prize for Excellence in Intermediate German

Refereed Publications

El-Bialy, R.; Mulay, S. (2018). Microaggression and everyday resistance in narratives of refugee resettlement. Migration Studies,

Spiers, J. & El-Bialy, R.; Trahan, LM.; Cummings, GG. (2017). Response to the letter by Khoujah and Hirshon: Decisions to transfer nursing home residents to emergency departments: A scoping review of contributing factors and staff perspectives. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, 18(5), 446.

El-Bialy, R.; Mulay. S. (2015). Two sides of the same coin: Factors that support and challenge the wellbeing of refugees resettled in a small urban centre. Health & Place, 35, 52-59.

Robert, E.; Hajizadeh, M; El-Bialy, R.; Bidisha, S. H. (2014). Globalization and the diffusion of ideas: Why we should acknowledge the roots of mainstream ideas in global health. International Journal of Health Policy and Management, 3(1), 7-9.

Olsen, C., El-Bialy, R., Mckelvie, M., Rauman, P., & Brunger, F. (2014). ‘Other’ troubles: Deconstructing perceptions and changing responses to refugees in Canada. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health. 18(1), 58-66.

El-Bialy, R. (2013). Questioning the assumptions of universality in psychiatric approaches to mental healthcare in Canada. Health Science Inquiry, 4(1).

El-Bialy, R., Gagne, C., & Spalding, T. (2013). Processing of English compounds is sensitive to the constituents’ semantic transparency. The Mental Lexicon, 8(1), 75-95.

Refereed Conference Papers

El-Bialy R, Main K. It’s high time: Analyzing the discourses surrounding marijuana legalization in Canada. (Poster). International Society for Political Psychology, San Antonio, Texas.

Cummings GG, Tate K, Lee S, El-Bialy R, Cummings GE, Holroyd-Leduc J, Reid C, Rowe BH, Estabrooks CE. Exploring quality indicators for older persons’ transitions in care: A systematic review and Delphi process. (Presentation). 46th Meeting of the Canadian Association on Gerontology, Winnipeg, MB.

Godperson, S.; Spiers, J.; Cummings, G.; El-Bialy, R. How conflicting professional paradigms influence decisions to transfer long term care residents to the emergency department. (Poster). International Council of Nurses Congress 2017. Barcelona, Spain.

Spiers, J.; El-Bialy, R.; Tate, K.; Cummings, G. Do Advanced Care Planning/Goals of Care Designations facilitate or hinder clinically making decisions to transfer long-term care residents to the emergency department? (Presentation). Qualitative Health Research Conference. Kelowna, BC.

El-Bialy, R. Microaggression, everyday resistance, and the mental wellbeing of refugees resettled in a small urban centre. (Presentation). The Society for Psychological Anthropology’s Biennial Conference. Boston, MA.

El-Bialy, R. & Mulay, S. Resettling on the edge: Factors affecting the wellbeing of refugees living in St. John’s, Newfoundland. (Poster). National Metropolis Conference 2015. Vancouver, BC.

El-Bialy, R. Tamp and Puff: Meaning Construction in an Online Forum for Pipe-Smokers. (Poster). Men’s Health, Masculinities, Work and Wellbeing Symposium. Durham University, UK.

Gagne, C., Spalding, T., & El-Bialy, R. Processing of English compounds is sensitive to the constituents’ semantic transparency. (Poster). 53rd Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society, Minneapolis.

El-Bialy, R., Gagne, C., & Spalding, T. Constituent opacity affects semantic priming for English compounds. (Poster). 8th International Conference on the Mental Lexicon, Montreal, QC.