EMBA Alumnus Recognized as one of Top 14 Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2023

Peyvand Melati EMBA '18
Peyvand Melati

The Toronto Star recently named Peyvand Melati (EMBA ’18) one of Fourteen Canadian entrepreneurs to watch in 2023.

Melati is the founder of QEA Tech, a company that focuses on reducing energy loss in buildings by using drones with high-definition visual and thermal cameras to spot building points that have cracks or moisture penetration.

“My passion is the commercialization of ideas. I started Angel investment in 2017, and QEA Tech was one of the ideas pitched to me by my Co-founders for pre-seed investment. I invested in the idea till it became a product, and then together with my Co-Founders, we launched the business in 2019,” said Melati.

Melati pursued an EMBA for hard skills, but once he started the Kellogg-Schulich Executive MBA program realized connections became more important. “Originally I wanted to gain more knowledge on finance and M&A, but I figured out later that the network was the main reason I joined the program,” he said.

He credits the program with assisting him as an entrepreneur.

“I have gained a lot of essential knowledge for scaling a company in marketing, finance, leadership, etc. in the Kellogg –Schulich program,” he said. “This program has a great network of people in any industry and worldwide. As an entrepreneur, one constantly requires access to expertise and network to gain the market, and this network provides you with both.”