Schulich Professor Appointed Vice-Chair of Investor Advisory Panel

Moshe Milevsky Finance Professor
Moshe Milevsky

Schulich Professor Moshe A. Milevsky was appointed Vice-Chair of the Investor Advisory Panel (IAP) of the newly formed Self-Regulation Organization of Canada (SRO) this month.

The SRO oversees investment dealers, mutual fund dealers, and trading activity on Canada’s debt and equity marketplaces with the aim of protecting investors, providing efficient and consistent regulation, and building trust in financial regulation and the people managing their investments.

Milevsky is a Finance Professor with a wealth of experience in many aspects of investing. He has formal degrees in mathematics, finance and most recently history, has published 17 books and over 60 peer-reviewed scholarly papers, in addition to being a fin-tech entrepreneur and consultant to industry.

The Panel will meet regularly to advise the SRO on regulatory policy, annual priorities, strategic plans, and other initiatives that protect investor interests and promote investor confidence in the securities marketplace.

Professor Milevsky said that he was “honoured and delighted” to be named Vice-Chair and that he was looking forward to viewing the financial industry through a unique regulatory lens, which is “a topic that isn’t emphasized enough in traditional quantitative finance courses” and something he hopes to impart to students.

In his role at Schulich, Professor Milevsky teaches BBA and MBA courses on wealth management, which include the topics of investments, insurance, tax planning, risk management, pensions and retirement planning. His current research focuses on financial history via the evolution of retirement products over the centuries. He is currently on sabbatical, working on a book manuscript entitled: Adam Smith’s Reversionary Annuity and the Enlightened Genesis of Longevity Risk Management.