Schulich Professor Develops New Financial Product for Retirees

Moshe Milevsky Finance Professor
Moshe Milevsky

Finance Professor Moshe Milevsky is recognized globally for his thought leadership in both retirement and portfolio longevity. Recently he played an instrumental role in building GuardPath™ Longevity Solutions, which seek to ensure retirees have enough income to meet their current needs while not outliving their nest egg.

As the author of 17 books (including his most recent: How to Build a Modern Tontine) and many peer-reviewed papers and articles, Milevsky’s expertise was essential to designing this transformational suite of investment solutions for Canadian investors, which strive to alleviate the widespread fear of running out of money in retirement.

“I’m so proud to be part of these made-in-Canada solutions, which address the biggest risks facing retirees and are among the first of their kind globally,” says Milevsky.

Guardian Capital looked to the future while leveraging the past by creating a uniquely modern approach to the tontine, which, for hundreds of years, was one of the most popular financial products for individuals who were willing to trade off legacy for more income.

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