Miranda Gobran

Miranda Gobran MREI 2019
Miranda Gobran

Prior to pursuing her graduate studies, Miranda spent two years as a Mortgage Specialist at CIBC, where she dedicated her time to holding investor and first-time home-buyer seminars.  Through this experience, she gained in-depth exposure to six new residential developments and worked with three different developers across the Greater Toronto Area.

Miranda’s interest in real estate was conceived at a young age.  Her family began investing and working in real estate and Miranda had the opportunity to observe the ups and downs of the industry.  She became captivated by the issues surrounding affordable housing and the effects of the large waves of migration to the GTA.

With its focus on leadership and its strong network, the MREI program at Schulich seemed like the perfect place for Miranda to cultivate this curiosity and explore different solutions. Upon graduation, Miranda is looking forward to implementing positive change within the real estate and infrastructure spheres in Toronto as well as on a global scale.

In her spare time, Miranda loves travelling to different countries.  Her favourite destinations have been Thailand, Morocco, and Croatia.  Miranda also enjoys spending time at her family restaurant downtown Toronto.

Miranda holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.