Managing Partner of Global Consulting Firm Draws from Schulich Experience

Marc-André Roy IMBA '04
Marc-André Roy

As one of two managing partners at CPCS, a global management consulting firm specializing in infrastructure, Marc-André Roy (IMBA ‘04) still carries with him what he’s learned from his international experience at Schulich.

As part of his MBA, Roy completed an academic exchange in France and an internship in the Republic of Benin. The functional skills he gained from his MBA, including strategy, critical thinking, finance, leadership, organizational behavior, accounting and more, stayed with him as he now leads a global business.

Roy didn’t envision his future role when he entered his MBA. He knew he was interested in international business, so he followed that. He continued to satisfy his curiosity and stayed open to new possibilities.

“Don’t focus too much on your desired position. Instead, follow what you love and be open to new opportunities,” said Roy. “If you satisfy your curiousity, things will fall in line.”

Roy recommends current students “find a club that’s aligned with your passion and if it doesn’t exist, start one.” Roy was a co-founder of the Net Impact chapter at Schulich, a student-led organization which focuses on business and sustainability. This allowed him to build a network of likeminded people and learn more about the things he’s passionate about.