Retired Schulich Prof Embodies the Gift of International Business

Lorna Wright Associate Professor of International Business and Organization Studies
Lorna Wright

In 2006, Schulich Associate Professor of International Business and Organization Studies Lorna Wright started the Lorna Wright IMBA Graduation Award  which is presented to the graduate who has made selfless contributions to the development of the IMBA Program through community service within the School and active participation in student life. As the IMBA program is winding down in 2022, Lorna Wright is continuing her support to benefit iBBA students.

“The only reason I was able to get a university education was because of the government’s student grant and loan programs,” said Professor Wright. “That is why I enjoy giving back to help students pursuing international business education because they have already shown similar interests in getting out into the world that I had.”

With over 15 years working as an independent contractor in various countries, such as Thailand, Indonesia, and Japan, while working for organizations throughout Asia, Latin America, and Europe, Lorna developed a passion to help Canada make further economic strides into the global arena.

This led Professor Wright down an academic entrepreneurship journey, becoming the founding Director of the Centre for Canada-Asia Business Relations at Queen’s University (1992-2000), the co-founder of the Asian Business Consortium (1997), and the inaugural Director of the Centre for Global Enterprise at Schulich (2013). She has been cited in “Canadian Women Doing Business in Asia”, “Who’s Who in Canadian Business”, “Canadian Who’s Who”, “The World’s Who’s Who of Women”, and “International Businessmen’s Who’s Who”.

Although she retired last year, Professor Wright continues to actively pursue lifelong passions like honing her Japanese back up to proficiency level and learning Mandarin, researching local history, and supporting students through her monthly contributions towards the BBA/iBBA Invitational Conference and Case Competition Award.

“As a society, if we’re going to move forward it’s the young people that are going to take us there. As a teacher, you want to see your students surpass you because that’s the way things progress.”