Giving Back to his Alma Mater

Jaswant Bangaru (MBA ’04) President & CEO, AltEnerGen Inc.
Jaswant Bangaru (MBA ’04)

It has not been that long since Jaswant Bangaru graduated from the Schulich School of Business. Memories of those days are still fresh in his mind:

I enjoyed every aspect of the Schulich environment – outstanding professors, exceptional classmates and friends with diverse backgrounds, helpful staff, and challenging coursework and assignments that were backed-up by a real-life strategy field study.

However, in the midst of all this, I remember one thing most about my time as a Schulich student — the privilege of serving and leading the Schulich Finance Association. Through arranging a number of events – such as panel discussions and networking sessions – for the benefit of the whole student community, the group offered aspiring business students opportunity to connect with and learn from practicing leaders and professionals in the industry.

In this and many other ways, the student life at Schulich helped me to expand my horizons and build lasting friendships with capable people.

Today, Jaswant is President and CEO of AltEnerGen Inc., a rapidly growing energy renewal company headquartered in Toronto. He is not shy about sharing the importance of the School on his current career. The Schulich community is known for it’s globally recognized educational programs, highly reputed faculty, a student body rich with diversity and for its strong emphasis on preparing well rounded business leaders ready for tomorrow. Personally, I especially appreciated learning the importance of achieving triple bottom line results as opposed to mere financial results. In the end, this revelation – the importance of sustainable business practices – strongly influenced my choice of career.

The School also emphasized the relevance of community service, in part through organizations such as Altruvest (BoardMatch). As part of the program, I was introduced to a non profit organization, where over these years, I have been able to voluntarily contribute my business skills and experience to a worthwhile cause. This voluntary service provides great pleasure and I am thankful to the Schulich community for encouraging me to understand that business is not all about profit making, but about overall well being for the organization and the society in general.

With Jaswant it is not all just talk. What he believes in he supports in every possible way he can. He is generous with his time and he is also a generous donor.

When I was a student, I appreciated receiving scholarships and bursaries. The financial support I obtained from Schulich helped immensely to fund my educational expenses. Having experienced financial ups and downs, I can truly empathize with current students and their financial needs. I am also grateful that upon successfully completing the program, I have moved to a career that is more personally challenging and rewarding. For these reasons, I decided to make whatever contribution I could to give back to the School that helped me shape my leadership skills and career.