Schulich ExecEd Instructor’s Tedx Talk Discusses Optimal Leadership

Jaason Geerts Schulich ExecEd Instructor
Jaason Geerts

Jaason Geerts, Schulich ExecEd Instructor and Director of Research and Leadership Development at the Canadian College of Health Leaders, recently released a Tedx Talk about leadership.

The 5 Questions Bad Leaders Never ask Themselves” was based upon a recently published op-ed Geerts wrote with Dr. Verna Yiu in the Globe and Mail about how workforce expectations have changed and a new leadership paradigm is required. They introduced a concept which essentially involves leaders engaging their people and creating conditions for them to flourish, with optimal flexibility, autonomy, and support. This runs contrary to traditional, rigid workplace arrangements and top-down management approaches.

“The essence of leadership in this paradigm is leaders creating the optimal conditions for their people to thrive and to maximize their creativity, passion, commitment and results,” said Geerts. “The first step is engaging people, asking the right questions, and listening with empathy, care, and respect. The next step is acting on it. How to do that may be the subject of my next TEDx Talk.”

For three consecutive years, Geerts has taught a Schulich ExecEd module for the Humber River Hospital Leadership Development Program entitled, “Expert and evidence-based leadership”. For the WSIB Directors Program offered by Schulich ExecEd, he taught the “Strategic leadership essentials” and “Transformational leadership” modules as well as serving as the Program Director for the first year.