Hussein Fadlallah

Hussein Fadlallah
Hussein Fadlallah

PhD Candidate, Business Administration
Area of Study: Policy/Strategy
Anticipated Graduating Year: 2021

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Educational Background

Present PhD Candidate, Business Administration
Schulich School of Business – York University
Toronto, Canada
Advisor: Prof. Dr. Dirk Matten / Prof. Dr. Robert Phillips
University of Cambrige, Judge Business School
BEng (Computer and Communications Engineering)
American University of Beirut

Thesis Topic

Governance of Digital Platforms

Research Interests – Work in Progress

Platform and Ecosystem Governance; Innovation network orchestration; Responsibility; Digital Tech

Awards and Honours

2018 Outstanding Reviewer Award, AOM
Schulich Entrance Scholarship of Merit

Refereed Conference Papers

– ASAC 2017: “Socio-Economic Communities: Towards Constructing a Holistic Perspective of Platforms”
– AOM 2018: “An Integrative Approach to Innovation Network Orchestration”
– EGOS 2019: “The Governance of Digital Platforms: A Citizenship Perspective”
– AOM 2019: “The Governance of Digital Platforms – A Citizenship Perspective”