Google Manager Uses Experience to Inspire and Mentor

Jonathan Li (BBA ’12) Associate Channel Programs Manager, Google
Jonathan Li (BBA ’12)

Jonathan Li had a bumpy start to his career.

After graduating from Schulich with his BBA in 2012, Li thought his grades and diploma would be enough to land his dream job. However, once he entered the job market he realized how fiercely competitive it was. Now the Associate Channel Programs Manager at Google is using his experience to inspire the next generation of business leaders at Schulich to not make the same mistake.

“I had a difficult time finding my first job,” Li said. “I spent the first couple months unemployed and eventually found an unpaid internship at a couple digital agencies. After over a year of hard work with odd jobs and internships I landed a position at Microsoft.”

It was that year and a half of hardship that Li now uses as inspiration to help current students as an Alumni Mentor. Now in his third year, he sheds light on his journey and tips to avoid the struggles he went through.

“For most graduates finding your first job is always the hardest,” Li said. “How I broke into Microsoft was by developing a creative resume. Instead of the traditional text and cover letter, I did a comic strip of my story, skills and experience that highlighted my creative side. ”

That unique approach stood out and caught the eye of his future manager and the rest is history.

In his career, Li was able to advance into different roles at Microsoft and now Google with the help of mentors and sees the value it provides. As he mentions “there are some things you cannot learn from textbooks.” He wants to bridge that gap and make students aware that they are not entitled – they must be proactive to land their dream job.