From theatre to leader

Frank Paul GBC President
Frank Paul

From Theatre to Leader

If you’ve spent any time on campus this summer, chances are you’ve seen the newest GBC President Frank Paul in the hallways. He believes in relationship-building and hasn’t wasted any time since his appointment.

With a refreshed Strategic Plan underway, his focus on outcomes and data for the upcoming year are a testament to Frank’s management instincts and natural business leadership. But it was not long ago the fine arts undergrad major was working in film and television. Now he is combining both disciplines, as well as writing a screenplay as part of his MBA/MFA/MA degree program.

“I really enjoy telling stories,” Frank said. “I realized (in my undergrad) that if I wanted to produce Canadian stories in film and television, I needed a measure of business acumen and when I learned about the Arts and Media MBA specialization at Schulich, I knew it was something I had to do to invest in my future.”

Some of the projects on his plate include preparations for the GBC’s events, exploring better communications, fostering greater student engagement and supporting new mental health initiatives.

However it’s not just behind the camera where Frank has found rewarding ways to use his creative side, it’s also in building meaningful connections.

“You’ll meet many different people here, sometimes just for a project or event. But for every relationship, there’s always a story to take away with you. That’s the magic of Schulich.”