Edward Waitzer Wins Award for Serving the Public Good

Edward Waitzer Professor of Strategic Management/Policy
Edward Waitzer

Edward Waitzer, professor of Strategic Management/Policy at Schulich School of Business, was recently recognized by Corporate Knights magazine for his seminal work advancing the legal foundations for corporate and pension fund leaders to serve the public good. He was presented with an Award of Distinction at their Annual Best Corporate Citizens in Canada Gala.

Waitzer served as a director for numerous large corporations and community organizations in the past, and published a wide range of legal and public policy issues. He also currently teaches corporate law at Osgoode Hall Law School, and directs the Hennick Centre for Business and Law. He often teaches cases he has worked on, including Magna and the landmark Supreme Court of Canada BCE buyout case.

“I’m lucky to have a bunch of smart, highly engaged kids in my classes who force me to rethink my assumptions annually,” says Waitzer.

“He brought a high level of credibility to interpreting a complex body of law in ways that expand the concept of fiduciary responsibility and allow business leaders to use their power to better serve the interests of a wide range of stakeholders,” says Corporate Knights CEO and publisher, Toby Heaps.

To learn more about Waitzer’s life and career, read the latest article about him on Corporate Knights.