Schulich prof recognized as Highly Cited Researcher

Dr. Perry Sadorsky Associate Professor of Economics
Dr. Perry Sadorsky

Perry Sadorsky, Associate Professor of Economics at Schulich, has been recognized as a Highly Cited Researcher (HCR) for 2019. The Web of Science Group selects researchers from around the world for their exceptional influence and performance through their publication of multiple papers frequently cited by their peers over the past decade. Professor Sadorsky is one of only 113 HCRs in his Essential Science Indicator field (Economics & Business) and 183 HCRs from Canada.

“I enjoy doing research because I am naturally curious, and it is always rewarding for a researcher to be recognized. A vibrant research reputation is often indicative of an engaging and progressive education,” said Sadorsky.

“My research focuses on business issues related to energy, the natural environment, and financial markets. I work on research areas that are of interest to me and I have been fortunate that some of my research has developed a seminal following and has a broad multi-disciplinary appeal.”

Professor Sadorsky is always working on many projects at the same time, in different stages of completion. He recently finished a research project with colleagues studying energy productivity in Australia. Another project is about how country level carbon emissions intensity is changing across time and what the main factors are behind these changes. Most recently, he has launched a project looking into how machine learning can be used to help businesses make more informed decisions.