PhD Student Publishes First Paper About Neonatal Program for Parents

Dr. Makini McGuire-Brown PhD '24, MBA '20
Dr. Makini McGuire-Brown

A Schulich PhD student has had her first research paper published. Dr. Makini McGuire-Brown, BSc; MBBS; MBA; and PhD Candidate; co-wrote “The STEP Program—A Qualitative Study of the Supportive Therapeutic Excursion Program and Its Effect on Enabling Parental Self-Efficacy and Connectedness after the Stress-Experience of the NICU”.

“Support programs exist for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) parents, but here with the addition of stroller walks, something so unassuming, we’ve uncovered an interesting phenomenon,” says McGuire-Brown.

While the paper focuses more on the positive clinical outcome for the patient families, the administrative side cannot be overlooked.

“It was instinctive to the physicians and nurses that STEP would be beneficial to these parents, but it took approval/conversation from several non-clinical departments for it to be implemented,” says McGuire-Brown. “It really emphasizes the importance of environments in which policies complement clinical work. When my friend and fellow physician Dr Judy Seesahai offered me the opportunity to come on board by introducing me to Dr Paige Church I grasped the opportunity, and an amazing opportunity it was!”

After completing her MBA at Schulich and doing an individual study as one of her courses with her current PhD supervisor Professor Marcia Annisette, McGuire-Brown realized that she could take her studies further by pursuing the PhD.

“I’m grateful for my unique perspective,” McGuire-Brown said. “Being a medical doctor who entered into the world of administration and then research, I am able to see through a unique lens and I hope that this will be beneficial for both the research community and in a practical way. I’m a big dreamer so I hope to continue to be a part of impactful research going forward!”