Schulich Startups ‘BeTimeful’ Launches on Product Hunt

Daniyal Dehleh & Arshal Madan BBA ’21 & iBBA ’21
Daniyal Dehleh & Arshal Madan

How many times have you gone to social media for something specific only to end up down a 30-minute rabbit hole? After being distracted by YouTube’s recommendation videos every time they watched a tutorial for their studies, Daniyal Dehleh (BBA’21) and Arshal Madan (iBBA’21) co-founded BeTimeful to remove distracting features automatically once a person is in study or work mode.

Daniyal is a self-taught programmer who has received a Machine Learning Certificate from Stanford University. At BeTimeful, he leads product development and team management. Arshal Madan previously interned at Amazon and Dell in Operations and Finance, respectively. At BeTimeful, he leads their product management and B2C Marketing efforts while managing day-to-day operations.

The average person spends nearly two hours a day using social media, which amounts to five years and four months over their lifetime. BeTimeful’s mission is to prevent social media companies from maximizing their profits at the expense of their user’s time, mental health, and productivity. To this date, their Chrome extension has saved 750 hours in online distraction and is trending live on Product Hunt.

“Daniyal and Arshal are persistent founders that are committed to solving online distractions,” said Chris Carder, Schulich Executive Director, Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. “This product hunt launch represents a great step in their journey.”

BeTimeful was also a Finalist at Schulich Startup Night 15. Daniyal was also awarded The Peterson Family Gold Medal & Scholarship in Entrepreneurial Studies.