MBA Students Market Sustainability in China

Dan Lin and Yin Ying Li (MBA Candidates 2017)
Dan Lin and Yin Ying Li (MBA Candidates 2017)

Dan Lin and Yin Ying Li knew coming into their Schulich MBA that their education would expand far beyond the classroom. In little under a year, they were cultivating a partnership with Rob French, Director of The Forever Group, to launch a sustainable clothes dryer accessory in China that reduces dryer time by 25 percent.

French was blown away by the two students after their pitch. “They had a global perspective,” he said. “The online Chinese market is exploding and with their international expertise in ecommerce and marketing as well as understanding of the Chinese customs, I knew it was the right fit.”

Li, who is a partner in an online tech company in China, recognized that the country is in a paradigm shift after analyzing growing trends in purchasing sustainable products. Li and Lin saw an opportunity for the Moss Creek Wool Ball to get ahead of the green movement in the emerging market. “We want to be the first online mover in China,” Li said.

They credit Schulich for giving them a foot in the door to pursue the opportunity. “Reaching out to companies with the Schulich name opens all kinds of doors. The school has provided us with so many networking opportunities to connect with business leaders,” Lin said.

The product will be launched in China late 2016 to early 2017. Learn more about the Moss Creek Wool Ball from Rob French: