Category Manager by Day, Comedian by Night

Chris Lee (BBA ’16) Category Manager, Labatt Breweries of Canada
Chris Lee (BBA ’16)

Schulich has fostered and developed a strong sense of community and diversity which has become home to a lot of interesting talents such as Christopher Lee (BBA 16’). Having worked at companies such as Scotiabank, Procter and Gamble and now the Labatt Breweries of Canada, Chris’ experience spans a variety of industries and roles. Now working as a Category Manager, he enjoys taking a break from the everyday corporate grind by expressing himself through stand-up comedy.

During his time at Schulich, he was exposed to a variety of creative outlets–both inside and outside the classroom. “Because Schulich is a school that thrives on diverse perspectives and opinions, you come across many talented people doing really interesting things,” said Chris.

Through competing in case competitions and working on group assignments, he learned the ins and outs of tailoring content to an audience. “I knew I was good at making people laugh, but through Schulich I had the opportunity to turn that into something that benefitted me in the professional space.”

Chris recently competed in the Toronto Comedy Brawl Finals 2019, making it to the final eight of over 400 competitors.

“Schulich gave me the confidence to think critically about situations and relate them back to people in ways that resonate with them,” said Chris. “There’s a lot to laugh about at Schulich and beyond, stand-up is just an outlet for me to make it my own.”