#REALTALK Founder Appointed as New Schulich Entrepreneur in Residence

Cherry Rose Tan Schulich Instructor; Entrepreneur In Residence
Cherry Rose Tan

Schulich Instructor Cherry Rose Tan was recently appointed as the new Entrepreneur in Residence with Schulich’s Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. She will now be expanding her role at Schulich by providing guidance to students and alumni entrepreneurs and innovators through the Schulich Startups Advisory Program.

“I look forward to supporting and championing our Schulich students and alumni, who have continued to advance Canada’s leadership in the sectors of entrepreneurship and innovation,” says Cherry Rose. “Through startup creation, Schulich has excelled in combining business acumen with entrepreneurial grit, leaving a lasting impact on our School and the broader community.”

Cherry Rose is a distinguished leader within Canada’s tech and innovation ecosystem and the Founder & CEO of #REALTALK, the mental health movement for the tech industry. Known as North America’s largest platform for Founder Mental Health, #REALTALK has impacted 40,000 attendees through live events and its synonymous podcast hit the Top 14 Business on iTunes with listeners in 20+ countries. 

Tan’s work has been featured in Forbes, Inc., The Globe and Mail, and CBC. With her extraordinary journey and experience, she is sure to make a lasting impact as she teams up with Chris Carder, Schulich Executive Director, Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship. “Cherry Rose understands the heart and spirit of the Schulich Startups Community,” said Chris Carder. “It’s about caring for our Student and Alumni Founders and Innovators and putting their dreams, missions, and mental health first.’”