Establishing an Endowment Award for his Alma Mater

Chandra Wijaya (MBA ’00) Senior Director, Global Regulatory Affairs & Risk Control, CIBC Risk Management
Chandra Wijaya (MBA ’00)

“Live not only for yourself, but also for others,” says Chandra Wijaya. “Growing up in Indonesia, this was an important motto that guided our lives.”

Chandra learned the importance of giving back to the community at an early age. While he was completing his MBA at Schulich School of Business, there was a financial crisis in Asia and he was unsure whether he would be able to afford to complete the program. A bursary for international students in financial need changed everything.

“I received the award at a time when I needed the support very much,” Chandra recalls. “I remember writing the application letter explaining that I was in a dire financial situation and needed help to complete my studies.”

As a young adult, Chandra dreamed of becoming a financial engineer. To achieve this, he enrolled in two universities and earned undergraduate degrees in Economics and Computer Science concurrently. He decided to attend Schulich to complete an MBA and the Post-Graduate Diploma in Financial Engineering program after learning about the School’s strong reputation in the field of finance.

Following his graduation in 2000, he was hired immediately by the National Bank of Canada and today, as Senior Director with CIBC Risk Management, he oversees Global Regulatory Affairs and Risk Control in CIBC Wholesale Banking.

“The bursary I received from Schulich had a big impact on my career,” said Chandra. “And, 11 years later, I couldn’t forget it. I called the University and asked about ways I could give back to the School.”

As a result, Chandra made a gift to the School to support the creation of an endowed award – the Chandra Wijaya Award in Financial Engineering. Eligible recipients will be second year, full-time MBA students studying Financial Engineering. The recipient must demonstrate academic excellence and demonstrate financial need.

“I hope this bursary will convey a message to future business leaders that there are people in the business world that care and want to help others in need,” said Wijaya. “I want them to know that charity is still relevant in the modern business world and experience how it can help people in a tangible way.”