There Must be 26 Ways to Enhance your MBA

Catherine Farrell GBC President 2015-16
Catherine Farrell

Your experience is what you make it – a motto that Graduate Business Council (GBC) President Catherine Farrell embodies. Since day one she has been an active participant in the Schulich community from case competitions, club events, student council and everything in between. Getting involved in extra-circular activities has shaped her educational experience and allowed Farrell to shift out of her comfort zone and thrive.

After receiving her Bachelor of Arts Honors in History and Bachelor of Education from Queens University, Farrell worked as a teacher for four years in both England and Canada. The experience is one that Farrell still draws from today while leading the GBC.

“A lot of the skills I learned as a teacher like presenting, group work and leadership are very transferable,” Farrell said while stressing. “I want the GBC to be an integral part of providing the best educational experience for every student at Schulich. I truly believe that the more engaged a student is in the Schulich community the better their overall experience will be.”

The GBC is the bridge between the student body and the faculty and administration. The organization’s mandate is to represent the graduate students and create an enriching and memorable student experience. Farrell’s vision is to empower all students to get involved in one of the 26 clubs, while strengthening the existing culture of excellence. As she explains, Schulich has so much to offer outside of academics. “That’s just not the entire experience,” Farrell said.

Looking back at her journey, there was a time when she was nervous about jumping into a different industry. But, those days are behind her now, as it did not take her long to find her niche and begin to flourish. “No matter what your background is there is a place for you at Schulich,” Farrell said. “The diversity and tight knit supportive community is what makes Schulich unlike any other MBA program.”