Arts and Media professor wins Life Member Award

Trina McQueen Adjunct Professor
Trina McQueen

Arts and Media Professor Wins Life Member Award

On Saturday October 22nd, the Directors Guild of Canada held its annual award ceremony to recognize individuals who have had a profound impact on Canadian broadcast media. This year, the Guild honoured Schulich Arts and Media Adjunct Professor, Trina McQueen, with its Honorary Life Member Award.

McQueen, whose work has shaped Canada’s broadcast media landscape, was one of the first women to emerge as a leader in her field and has been a trailblazer for those who followed. Holding senior journalistic and executive positions: she served as head of CBC News, founding President of the Discovery Channel and President of CTV.

In recognition of her contributions, Trina was elected a member of the Canadian News Hall of Fame and the Canadian Broadcasters Hall of Fame and is an Officer of the Order of Canada.

Throughout her career, McQueen’s focus has been on the health, prosperity and freedom of Canadian media and artists. In her acceptance speech, Trina, the first woman to receive this award, spoke passionately of her belief in the role of those who tell our stories: “I thank you for the characters you brought to life, the stories you brought out of the shadows, the ideas that inspired me… I have just one more word for you: a word I hope you will keep always in your mind and always in your heart. The word is Canada.”