Schulich MBA Fuels his Startup Idea with A.I.

Ali Khalili MBA ’16
Ali Khalili

Ali Khalili (MBA ’16) realized how inconvenient it was to have to rely on a fob or key to gain access into his condo’s garage. Using his background in software engineering, he designed a parking management software solution using License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology for residential and commercial parking lots.

This advanced technology uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to capture the plate numbers of approaching cars and determines whether the driver will have access to the building. Property managers can also monitor the system from mobile and desktop devices in real time.

Prior to opening his Toronto-based firm, Ashna Solutions Inc., Khalili worked as a Solutions Consultant at Google and completed his MBA at Schulich. “The business program at Schulich is designed to teach students to step out of their comfort zone and think outside of the box,” said Khalili.

“Throughout my program, I learned how to respond in unexpected situations by breaking down the problem in a systematic way and finding innovative solutions to overcome the key business issues. With lots of practice during the program, I was able to learn how to improve my presentation skills to properly articulate my thoughts to a group of people.”

Although his technical background helped him create his startup, Khalili believes his Schulich MBA showed him how to be an entrepreneur. “The learning process never ends for me, I am grateful that the Schulich School of Business made me who I am now.”

Photo courtesy of Zlatko Cetinic.