Alannah Bird

Alannah Bird MREI 2019
Alannah Bird

Prior to joining the MREI program, Alannah worked for a project management and development advisory firm in Ottawa, Canada. The firm manages a wide range of projects from hospitals, to sporting facilities, to major mixed-use developments, and this broad exposure ultimately sparked her passion for the development industry and city building.

Alannah embarked on the MREI journey to both broaden and deepen her knowledge of the real estate and infrastructure fields, and also acquire the economic, financial and investment tools and skills to help her excel in her future endeavors.

Before moving into the project management and advisory side, Alannah was a founding member of Bridgit, a successful software startup that simplifies issue tracking for developers and contractors. Having visited 300+ construction sites, she witnessed first-hand what can happen when companies embrace technology to establish more efficient construction processes.

Outside of the classroom, Alannah is Co-President of the Schulich Real Estate and Infrastructure Club, a group with a mission of connecting students to both industries, and further enhancing the experiential education component of the MREI.  She was also a member of the winning team in the Schulich Developers’ Den International Case Competition in March.

Alannah holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada.