Abdulkader Kaadan

Abdulkader Kaadan MREI 2019
Abdulkader Kaadan

Prior to enrolling in the Schulich MREI program, Abdulkader (Abe) worked as an Operations Manager responsible for lean process flow and inventory control. His true passion has always been real estate, with his interest deriving from family involvement in real estate development and investments. Abdulkader has been engaged in global megaprojects, gaining a hands-on perspective of the important interconnectedness between real estate and infrastructure projects, and how these types of projects bring life to communities.

Abdulkader views the MREI program as an ideal stepping stone that provides the optimal foundation to pursue a career in real estate and infrastructure development. He aspires to broaden his knowledge in these fields, refine and obtain new technical and analytical skills, and build a strong network of industry peers. Upon graduation, Abdulkader aims to add value to a leading real estate and infrastructure firm in Canada, driven by his passion, attention to detail, and aspiration to become an influential leader in the industry.

Outside of the classroom, Abdulkader values his community involvement, devoting time to educating and empowering youth as a Vice President of a youth committee in Saskatoon. He dedicates time on weekends to scheduling recreational activities and workshops that provide a safe environment and an opportunity for young people to learn and grow. He also serves the university community as part of the executive team of the Schulich Real Estate and Infrastructure Club (SREIC) student organization.

Abdulkader holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree, specialized in Operations Management, from the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Canada.