Prior to Departure

Students are required to attend a pre-departure session and make an appointment with the International Program Coordinator prior to their departure.

Pre-Departure Session

All students going on exchange or on an internship abroad must participate in an orientation facilitated by the Office of International Relations at least one month prior to departure. Some topics to be covered include:

  • Passports
  • Visas
  • Dual Citizenship
  • Medical clearance and proof of vaccination
  • Insurance

Links to register for pre-departure sessions will be provided below a couple of months prior to departure.

Pre-Departure Appointment

Students must submit the following information to the International Program Coordinator for approval during the appointment:

Two copies of your study plan
 One copy of each courses’ syllabus/outline
 One copy of your degree progress report

Students must also complete or review the following information:

Personal information on Passport York (under ‘My Student Records’, ‘My Personal Info’)

Arriving at Your Host Institution

Upon arriving at your host institution, please send confirmation of your courses to the Schulich International Program Coordinator. Any changes to your course enrolment while on exchange must be approved in order to count for Schulich credit.

While You're Abroad

Show off how much fun you’re having! Update social media using the hashtag #schulichexchange.

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Upon Your Return

Students are required to submit an Exchange Report within one month of the completion of their exchange term by e-mail to the International Program Coordinator. Please do not include your student number on the report.

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