English Language Peer Support

Do you need assistance with your written or verbal English language skills?

Our English Language Peer Support (ELPS) program provides free one-on-one online support for both writing assignments and verbal presentations. Simply book an appointment through our online scheduling system with one of our peer supporters, and we’ll help you build confidence in your English language skills.

For assistance with writing assignments, please have your work ready in a Google Doc for review. You will receive advice and feedback on spelling, grammar, clarity, structure, and proper citations and references. For spoken English sessions, our peer supporters will help you practice your presentation skills, gain an understanding of the Canadian context, and strengthen your English conversational skills for both business and everyday interactions.   

ELPS is also hosting weekly online drop-in Conversation Circles for any students looking to practice their English in a friendly group setting, and we welcome partners and spouses to join. Make sure to check your emails for updates!

To book an appointment, click the link below and select the date and time that works best for you! All sessions run for 45 minutes, and a maximum of 2 sessions per student can be booked each week. Time slots are made available approximately 2 weeks in advance.

Please note: For the Fall 2021 term, ELPS will begin the week of September 20th

For more information, please contact intlrelations@schulich.yorku.ca.


English Language Resources

Recommended by our Peer Supporters

Referencing Guides: Academic Honesty Policy:
Podcasts: Youtube Channels:
  • Speak English with Vanessa: learn vocabulary, English phrases, common mistakes and more! This Youtuber also has her own course that you can try to get more advanced.
  • English Class 101: Words, expressions, and presentation skills! English Class 101 has tips and tricks to get you learning English.
  • Learn English with Dana: Learn English words with a Canadian context! Dana walks you through Canada-specific words and phrases.

Common Tips and Tricks for English Learners

Presentation Skills

Nervous about an upcoming presentation? A few tips that you can do to prepare: 

  • Write out notes on what you want to say in your presentation. This will help you think through the presentation prior to doing the real thing in front of your colleagues, and will help you work out any grammatical errors
  • Practice in front of a mirror!  
  • Film yourself practicing so that you can watch it back and note the places that you stop or stutter on
  • Warm up. Think of a presentation as a physical activity. You would not go for a run without doing some stretching, so why would you give a presentation without warming up your voice? Even reciting the alphabet out loud can help open up your vocal chords

Writing Skills

  • Write out your paper in English, even if you are more comfortable writing in your native language, it will help you think through the thoughts in English
  • Don’t directly translate sentences using Google Translate (or another translation app), try to revert to a translation app only for words to support your comprehension
  • Avoid trying to use “fancy” words, plain English is great when getting your point across in writing and oftentimes, long words can come across as being confusing to the reader
  • Pay attention to the verb tense (past, present, future) and ask yourself when the action you are writing about is taking place in time
  • When you have a draft, read it out loud, the art of listening and reading to your written work will help you catch more of your mistakes
  • Practice journaling in English, it is a low-stress way to get your thoughts on paper and to help practice your writing muscles