• Visit the Centre for Career Design to take complimentary professional portraits.

    An important part of your personal brand is your professional portrait. This is a photograph that you will use on your LinkedIn and Handshake profiles, for student club and government rosters, as part of your speaker bio, and in any other forum that requires a professional image of you. At the Centre for Career Design, we recognize that professional portraits can be expensive and difficult to organize, which is why we are happy to provide this convenient service, free-of-charge, to all Schulich students.

    In May of 2024, the Centre for Career Design installed an Iris Air portrait studio. This state-of-the-art technology allows students to take and edit professional-quality photos of themselves in a matter of minutes. Book your appointment today!

  • Portrait of Jie Fang

Portrait Studio FAQ

Where is the portrait studio located?

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The portrait studio is located in the Centre for Career Design, suite N202 in the Seymour Schulich Building. This is a busy office space, and students are reminded to be respectful of those working in the space when using the portrait studio.

How do I book an appointment to take my portrait?

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Appointments can be booked via Handshake and are ten minutes in length. Appointments are available during the CCD’s regular business hours.

Arrive, ready and wearing your professional attire, five minutes before the start time of your 10-minute appointment.

Once you enter the booth, the process should take about five to seven minutes.

Remember to allow extra time before your appointment if you need to change into your professional clothing.

How many portraits will I receive per session?

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You will take a series of three photos during your session. You must have all three photos taken during your session in order for the photos to be saved properly in the system. You are also permitted one re-take.

Your photos will be emailed to you immediately after your session.

Can I edit my photos?

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Yes. While you are in the portrait studio, you will have the option to edit your photos as needed. Editing includes teeth whitening, blemish removal, skin softening, etc. You can complete further edits after your session as your photos are emailed to you.

Can I make another appointment at a later date to take updated portraits?

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Yes. There is currently no limit on how many times a student may use the portrait studio. However, at the discretion of the CCD, and depending on the circumstances, a student who no-shows could be blocked from use for the remainder of the semester. No-showing for a scheduled appointment deprives other students of that time slot, and is unprofessional.

What should I wear for my portraits?

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These photos are intended to be used for professional purposes. As such, you are encouraged to wear clothing / makeup / accessories that best represent your personal brand and career aspirations. Someone wishing to pursue a career in corporate finance, for example, might be best served to wear a suit for their portrait session, while someone wishing to pursue a career in media or the arts might find that business casual attire provides a better professional representation.

Generally for photographs, it is best to avoid wearing too many busy patterns. Opt instead for solid colours or minimal pattern. Note that the background of the photos is white, so you may wish to wear a darker coloured top to create sufficient contrast between yourself and the background. Visible brand logos are discouraged.

For more attire and preparation tips, visit the Iris Booth website.

Can alumni use the portrait studio?

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As with all CCD services, recent alumni who have completed their program within the past year and still have access to Handshake may book an appointment to use the portrait studio.

If you are an alum who no longer has access to Handshake but wishes to make use of the studio, email career@schulich.yorku.ca and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Can Schulich faculty and staff use the portrait studio?

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Yes. We can accommodate Schulich faculty and staff on a drop-in basis during non-peak periods. Email career@schulich.yorku.ca for further instructions.