How to Post a Job

All of our job postings are advertised on Schulich’s career services website, Handshake. Handshake is a fast, easy and powerful recruiting platform for finding Schulich students and alumni.  You will be able to post New Grad, Internship, Summer, Experienced Hires and Part-time opportunities to Schulich students and alumni, at no cost.


Getting Started:

  1. Sign up as an Employer on Handshake. Our detailed Employer Guide will assist you to set up your account.Handshake Employers Login Icon
  2. Post a Job, you’ll need the following information:
    1. Company Summary
    2. Position Summary, Duties and Qualifications
    3. Application Procedure
    4. Target Student Group(s)
    5. Application Deadline
  3. Returning Employers: Once you create an account and login, you should be able to duplicate your past jobs in the system
  4. New Employers: Once you create an account, request to “Connect with Schulich School of Business” and send us a note at notifying us that you’ve connected with us.

* Please note, the CCD does not accept or post purely commission based opportunities.

Quick Tips for posting jobs on Handshake:

  • Schulich Student’s graduation months are June and October
  • Undergraduate BBA/ iBBA are classified by School Year:
    • Freshman (Year 1: BBA/iBBA)
    • Sophomore (Year 2: BBA/iBBA)
    • Junior (Year 3: BBA/ iBBA)
    • Senior ( Year 4: BBA/ iBBA)
  • All Master’s Programs offered by Schulich are 1 year in length
  • MBA/ iMBA Programs offered by Schulich are 2 years in length
  • Not sure which student group(s) to target? Review our programs here:
  • If you would like to target specific programs (Example: collect applicants only from the Masters of Finance program and not ALL Masters students at Schulich, please notify us at

Resume Collection

With ease of our system, students are able to apply directly on-line, allowing their applications to be maintained within an electronic holding bin until the application deadline. Please ensure that the correct contact is included under “Applicant Package Recipients” when you are posting a job. Alternatively, you can advise applicants to apply directly to your organization via your website link or email.

Duration of Postings

We recommend jobs remain live on our system for an average of 10 business days to ensure your roles receive maximize exposure to students.


Please feel free to contact the Schulich Centre for Career Design at 416-736-5080 or