Burkard Eberlein

My current research focuses on transnational governance arrangements to address cross-border policy challenges, in particular the setting of social and environmental standards for production in global value chains. In a SSHRC funded project I investigate how national governments and business actors engage with global voluntary sustainability standards, across three countries (Argentina, Brazil, and Canada) and in two sectors (soybean and mining).

More broadly, I am interested in how effective novel types of transnational governance that involve cross-sector collaboration are at improving business conduct. Which role do business firms and associations play in making business practices in global value chains more ‘responsible’? And what is the relationship between private governance by business and state regulation, especially in the Global South?

A second strand of research rooted in comparative public policy seeks to explain why jurisdictions converge or diverge in their policy responses when faced with similar problems or crises.

My earlier research contributed to the study of public policy in the European Union, with a special focus on transnational regulatory networks as governing device that balances national and supranational interests.

Empirically, my work has mainly focused on the energy and environment field  while the regional focus has been on the European Union and Canada.