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    The focus of Student Services is to support a positive experience for students during their academic journey. This includes reducing barriers and delivering transparent administrative processes. Our priority is to simplify academic and administrative policies, so that you can focus on the things that matter.

    As faculty, it can be difficult to remember the non-academic policies that impact your classroom. For reference, we have outlined the services, policies and resources that are important for you.



  • Accommodations Accommodations

    Students who are registered with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) must show their instructors a letter outlining the accommodations required for exams and assignments. Accommodations should be adhered to but if you feel that the integrity of your course may be compromised, you may speak with a SAS disability counsellor to discuss alternative options.

    Registered students are required to book exams with the Alternate Exam Centre by their deadline. For complete details, visit https://accessibility.students.yorku.ca/information-for-faculty.

    Attendance Attendance

    Just a reminder to check your class list. Students who are not enrolled should not be sitting in classes or completing assignments.  We understand that you may have non-enrolled students in your first class while they figure out their schedule. By the second week, students sitting in class should appear on your class list or receive permission from you by completing an Enrol with Instructor Permission form.

    Deferred Exams Deferred Exams

    Students who have missed their final exam due to illness or other extenuating circumstances must complete the Deferred Standing Request Form. A representative from Student Services will notify you if a student has submitted sufficient documentation for a deferred exam. It is at the discretion of the area when the deferred exam will be held.

    Outside of final exams, instructors can decide how best to accommodate missed tests or exams. Feel free to request documentation from the student to support their reason.

    Enrol with Instructor Permission Enrol with Instructor Permission

    After the wait list has closed, the following two weeks is the Enrol with Instructor Permission period. Students must complete an Enrol with Instructor Permission form signed by you and submit it to Student Services.  Permission is granted at your discretion regardless if space permits. Students can retrieve the form in the Academic Forms Database located in their MySchulich student portal.

    Grades Grades

    Final grades should be submitted within five days of a final exam or assignment on Canvas.

    Please only submit letter grades. Students who are not eligible for a deferred exam should have a grade submitted, not an “incomplete.”

    Guided/Individual Study Guided/Individual Study

    Students must complete the relevant form to take an undergraduate (Guided) or graduate (Individual) independent study. These forms should be submitted to Student Services by the last day to enrol with instructor permission each term. Grades for independent studies should be submitted to Student Services  by the end of the second week of the subsequent term.

    Pre-requisite checks Pre-requisite checks

    Student Services will conduct pre-requisite checks close to the start of term and de-enrol students who do not meet the pre/co-requisite. Instructors can waive pre-requisites for students by signing an Enrol with Instructor Permission form.






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