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Special initiatives driving student success at the Schulich School of Business

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Scholarships, Bursaries & Awards

Pursuing a business degree isn’t easy. Students have to manage program fees, living costs, family demands, and, in some instances, international travel expenses. An offer of financial support can prove to be the deciding factor both for talented students continuing their post-secondary studies and working professionals returning to school to upgrade their skills.

Attracting the best students and supporting them throughout their studies is a top priority of the Schulich School of Business and key to our ability to maintain an enriching student experience. Some of our awards are among the highest of those offered to graduate business students in Canada.

By establishing new scholarships/bursaries/awards, you are investing in the business leaders of tomorrow, who will undoubtedly go on to make significant and meaningful contributions to the global society for years to come. Help us ensure that a lack of financial resources is never a barrier to current and future Schulich students.

At the Schulich School, we have a number of different categories of awards and funding options, which include:


Scholarships recognize exceptional talent and academic excellence in a program or specialization at Schulich, like Finance or Entrepreneurial Studies. In some cases, scholarships may also include non-academic criteria (i.e. leadership, volunteerism).


Awards combine academic and/or non-academic criteria (i.e. leadership, volunteerism) and/or financial need.


Bursaries are designed to assist students who have financial need. Recipients must be in good academic standing.

Creating an Endowment

An endowed scholarship/bursary/award is a powerful opportunity for a Schulich donor to generate a lasting, long-term impact for future generations of Schulich students. With your generous gift, an endowment fund is permanently established and this fund is responsibly invested, in perpetuity. Each year, a portion of the interest income earned on your endowment gift is distributed to the student recipient(s) of your scholarship/bursary/award. As you can imagine, your endowed fund will build its financial strength and deepen its impact over time. At Schulich, gifts of $25,000 or more are eligible for endowment.

Term Funded

As an alternative to establishing a permanent endowment, some donors consider providing crucial financial aid funding to Schulich students on an annual basis. Donors can establish new annual scholarships/bursaries/awards by pledging support for a minimum of three years.

Please contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at (416) 650-8075 for more information on establishing a scholarship or award at the School.

Learn more about our Student Financial Aid program

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Case Competition Support

Schulich students are participating in national and international competitions at a phenomenal rate and we expect that this will only increase.  Student success in these competitions is a testament to the excellence of our students and the quality of our faculty. The entire Schulich community benefits from our students’ participation in these competitions and conferences. These ‘outside the classroom’ experiences enhance our students’ overall learning experience and help develop their leadership, analytical and teamwork skills.

Case Competition Support Funds have been established for both undergraduate and Master’s level students to provide financial assistance to students who have been invited to attend case competitions and to act as more than just a participant at a conference. It is designed to provide some financial assistance; it is not intended to cover all the travel/competition/conference fees. The Fund is administered by Schulich Student Services.

Many of us know about our students’ history of success in various prestigious and high-profile competitions, such as the L’Oréal competitions, Hult Prize global case competition, Rotman CSR Case Challenge, the National Student Entrepreneur Championships, the DECA Provincials, the ARGUS Software Challenge and many more.

How can you help?

You can provide a financial donation to the Fund and help Schulich students continue their tradition of accomplishment and victory! Each year, we raise money to support this Fund to help build a base of financial support for our current and future students.

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Arts and Media Student Experience Fund

This important initiative has been designed to provide support for Schulich students studying in the MBA Specialization in Arts and Media. The Arts & Media Student Experience Fund will allow students to take part in valuable out-of-classroom, hands-on learning experiences that expand on and complement classroom learning. The Student Experience Fund has been designed to increase financial support for students attending arts, media and entertainment related conferences and special events that add to the students’ learning experience and provide valuable networking opportunities.Arts & Media Student Experience Photo


Your gift will support ARTM students as they move forward to become the next generation of leaders and influencers in the cultural sector.

Arts & Media Student Experience Photo


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York University Student Investment Fund

The York University Student Investment Fund (‘YUSIF’) is a fund managed by students and supported by alumni and friends. Students apply course theory and learn to manage the real-life risks and rewards of Asset Management.

Benefits to students:

  • Real money and real risk equals real learning. Students have the chance to manage real, not simulated capital for long-term gain.
  • Attain superior risk management skills, learn firsthand about various sectors and asset classes, and experience what it’s like to have fiduciary responsibilities — skills that today’s employers demand.
  • Opportunity to work with teams of diverse students, campus-wide.
  • Future investment returns help students succeed through support of scholarships and bursaries.

Benefit to employers:

  • The YUSIF experience prepares students for careers in the investment industry and as business leaders around the world.
  • Engagement as advisors will put employers in touch with talented students, helping them learn the career skills they need.Image of students in a classroom

Benefits to alumni and friends:

  • Provides a unique way to support the School as donors and volunteers, and to benefit students.
  • Upholds the winning reputation of your alma mater and ensures the lasting value of your degree.

Benefits to the School:

  • Enhances the innovative reach and reputation of the School.
  • Experiential learning adds to our student recruitment power and strengthens ties with alumni and prospective employers.Students in a classroom

For more information, please contact our Office of Development at 416-736-5708 or

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Brookfield Centre in Real Estate and Infrastructure Program Student Experience Fund

Supported by alumni and corporate friends of the Program, the purpose of the Brookfield Centre in Real Estate & Infrastructure Program Student Experience Fund is to provide students, specializing in Real Estate and Infrastructure at Schulich, with new and practical learning experiences beyond the traditional classroom. These enhanced, hands-on learning experiences include real estate tours, special guest lectures, global case competitions, field trips, specialized training on industry-specific software, career networking events, and more.

To champion Student Success at the Brookfield Centre in Real Estate and Infrastructure, please visit

For more information, please contact our Office of Development at 416-736-5708 or