• 2020 Developers' Den Competition

    Format and Prizes

    The Den is a 2-Part competition – Part 1 is completed off-site in the home location of each team. Part 2 and the Final Round of the Den is hosted at the Schulich School of Business and is an intense one-day case competition, allowing the best and brightest real estate students from leading business schools to showcase their skills before a panel of judges composed of industry leaders.

    Prize Money:

    • 1st Place: $6,000
    • 2nd Pace: $3,000
    • 3rd Place: $1,500

    *Prize money is in Canadian Funds and is net of HST (tax)

  • 2019 Developers' Den competition
    2019 Developers' Den competition

2019 Winners – Rotman School of Management

Team members: Nikhil Paul, Soroush Asgarinia, Victor T.K. Chan and Tony Ju

View 2019 Event Pictures

Milestone Dates

December 9, 2019
– Team Registration Opens

January 22, 2020
– Team Registration Closes

January 25, 2020
– Part 1 Cases Distributed to Team’s Primary Contact

January 28, 2020
– Part 1 Team Questions Due

February 2, 2020

– Deadline for Team Submission of Part 1 Case

February 12, 2020
– Qualifying Teams Announced

March 5, 2020

– Teams Arrive in Toronto

March 6, 2020
– Part 2 Full Day On-site Competition
– Semi-Final & Final Round Competition, judging and awards reception and cocktail dinner at the Schulich School of Business

The Developers’ Den Case Competition will be professionally photographed and videotaped. If you …have any questions or concerns, please contact Bryna Abtan at babtan@yorku.ca.

March 6, 2020 – Day-of Schedule

7:30AM – 8:30 AM Qualifying teams meet at the Schulich School of Business to receive instructions. Continental breakfast will be provided. Briefing beings at 08:00.
8:30 AM – 12:30 PM Teams to analyze Part 2 case and prepare a presentation slide deck.
12:30 PM All teams must submit presentation deck to developersden@schulich.yorku.ca, and BAbtan@schulich.yorku.ca.
12:30 PM – 2:30 PM All teams prepare for Semi-final presentation. Lunch will be provided.
2:30 PM Semi-final presentations.
4:30 PM Announcement of three finalist teams.
5:30 PM – 6:30 PM Presentation round for the three finalist teams.
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM Awards reception. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners to be announced.

*Schedule subject to change

Rules & Regulations

  • Students will be obliged to maintain the highest standards of academic honesty throughout this competition and to abide by the rules and procedures outlined herein. The organizers of the event reserve the right to make minor modifications and to issue clarifications to these rules prior to the competition. Teams that fail to comply with the rules will be disqualified
  • Dress code is business attire
  • A minimum of two of three, or three of four team members, depending on the size of your team, must attend Part 2 in order to compete. All competing team members must be present and participate in both of the Part 2 rounds and presentations if successful
  • Teams may not seek advice or information nor otherwise consult with any third party (including the sponsoring faculty member) at any time throughout the competition
  • Internet access is permitted and use of publicly available information found on the internet is allowed
  • Slide decks must include a title slide showing only the team number. No individual or institutional names, or any use of slide backgrounds or formats that might make it possible to identify the team members or the School that they represent may be included in any of the slides
  • Slide decks are limited to a maximum of 11 slides including the title slide 
  • Slide decks must be submitted by 12:30pm to the email addresses identified by the organizers
  • The order in which teams present will be determined by lot. Times and locations for the Semi-Final Round presentations will be provided at the start of the day
  • The announcement of the three teams participating in the Final Round will be made at 4:30 pm, along with their presentation times
  • Semi-Finalist and Finalist teams must be outside of the presentation room at least ten minutes before their respective scheduled presentation times
  • Each presenting team, in both the Semi-Final and Final Rounds, will have up to fifteen minutes to present its recommendations allocated as follows: up to eight minutes for an initial uninterrupted presentation and the remaining time for Q&A with the judges. No changes to the slides are permitted after they have been submitted by email
  • Final Round contestants may not witness presentations by other teams unless their team has already presented. No Semi-Final Round contestants may witness presentations by other teams
  • In the event that an interpretation of the rules is required, the decision of the organizers will be final
  • All communications between competitors and the organizers in advance of the competition are to be directed to developersden@schulich.yorku.ca. Any communications will come from the Co-Chairs

*Rules and Regulations subject to change