• Brookfield Centre Professional Accelerator Program

    The Brookfield Centre Professional Accelerator Program (BCPAP) encompasses the many professional development events and activities offered to Real Estate and Infrastructure students at Schulich.

    The BCPAP consists of Closed Core Elements, which are available only to students who meet certain eligibility requirements, Open Core Elements, and Co-curricular Elements organized by internal and external host groups. These groups include the Brookfield Centre (BC), the Schulich Real Estate and Infrastructure Club (SREIC), the Schulich Real Property Alumni Association (SRPAA), our Career Development Centre (CDC), and external partners.

    The goal of our many co-curricular events and activities is to encourage you to extend yourself and thereby grow personally and professionally. We do this by challenging you to engage with and commit to as many learning opportunities as you can manage, complementing and enhancing what you learn in the classroom with real world experiences, supporting you in building your professional network and transitioning into the industry, and promoting a sense of community. This is how we maximize your student experience and accelerate your professional development.​

Program Details

Closed Core Elements

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For Approved Mentorship Program Applicants Only

  • BC-SRPAA Mentorship Program includes Launch Event, skills development and career planning workshops and mentor matching. (See Eligibility Requirements below.)
  • MREI Connect (limited to MREI candidates)

Eligibility requirements to take part in this unique and invaluable Mentorship Program:

  • Open only to MREI students and 2nd year MBA students specializing in Real Estate & Infrastructure (enrolled in PROP 6100/6200)
  • October 8th– Professional Accelerator Launch Event – You MUST attend the Launch to be eligible to register for the Mentorship Program. You MUST apply to join the Program by October 21
  • You MUST attend three mandatory skills development workshops
    1. Each event will be held on a Friday at noon.
    2. One event on October 22nd, one on November 12th, one in January
  • Resume Review with the CDC is required this Fall.
  • Details of the Program will be available at the October 8th Launch Event 

Open Core Elements

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Available to all Real Estate and Infrastructure students

**Must be SREIC Members

Other Co-curricular Elements

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  • Speakers’ Series (starting September 23rd)
  • **Perspectives Lecture* (October 28th)
  • **Argus and Excel training*
  • Developers’ Den case competition* (Winter term)
  • **New York and Montreal study tours* (Winter term)
  • Site tours, industry panels, networking events, etc*
  • Urban Lab Applied Research Associateships and Industry Collaboration
  • External conferences, case competitions and networking events*

* The costs of participating in these events may be subsidized in part by the Schulich Real Estate and Infrastructure Student Experience Fund (SEF).
**Must be SREIC Members