SUST 7010 3.00

Level Post-Graduate

The scholarly discourse on responsible business draws on a myriad of legacy fields of study including, but not limited to, strategic management, organizational behavior, political economy, philosophy, history, economics, etc. While this broad approach matches the complexity of the activities and structures endemic to responsible business, recent decades have witnessed the emergence of novel, integrative, theoretical approaches indigenous to the study of business’s role in broader society. This seminar examines these novel approaches to responsible
business at depth. Students will examine key legacy works that are the foundation of these novel approaches as well as more recent scholarly advances. During the seminar, students will develop a deep appreciation for these works as well a critical basis for making their own contributions to these deepening conversations.

Specifically, by the end of this course you should be able to:
• Understand, recall, and explain core texts in the field of responsible business;
• Evaluate and critique research in the field;
• Recognize and contribute to leading edge theory and research in the field.