SUST 7020 3.00

Level Post-Graduate
Department ORGANIZATION STUDIES - ROOM SSB S303, 416-736-5096 fax 416-736-5687

This course introduces students to leading paradigms and current topics in organization theory. Students obtain an intensive overview of "macro" theories in organizational behaviour and develop an ability to assess organization theory and research critically and comprehensively. Class discussions focus on the strengths, weaknesses and contributions of leading-edge theories and topics; and students are encouraged to think creatively about future directions that various topics and theories might take to advance the field's understanding of organizations. By the conclusion of the course, students: (a) are familiar with important sources and references on prevailing issues in organization theory; (b) have a solid grasp of advanced theory and research on a breadth of topics in macro organizational behaviour; (c) have a better understanding of the process of writing theoretical articles; and (d) possess the ability to evaluate critically the contributions of various research streams to the field of organization theory.