ORGS 4500 3.00

Level Undergraduate
Department ORGANIZATION STUDIES - ROOM SSB N303A, (416) 736-5096 fax (416) 736-5687

Provides basic instruction in, and extensive opportunities for, the practice of a number of personal and interpersonal skills of value to improving managerial effectiveness, including: stress and time management, presentation and meeting leadership skills, conflict management and negotiation skills, motivating, influencing others and effective listening. Classes are devoted primarily to experiential exercises; therefore, very little absenteeism is permitted. A high percentage of the grade is based on participation in class and the remainder is based on real-world applications of skills covered in this course.

Previously offered as: SB/OBIR 4500 3.00.

Prerequisites: SB/ORGS 2100 3.00 (previously offered as SB/ORGS 1000 3.00) (or equivalent) and SB/ORGS 2200 3.00 (previously offered as ORGS 2010 3.00) (or equivalent) or SB/INTL 2300 3.00 (previously offered as SB/INTL 1300 3.00).