ORGS 4350 3.00

Level Undergraduate
Department ORGANIZATION STUDIES - ROOM SSB N303A, (416) 736-5096 fax (416) 736-5687

As the environment of many business and non-profit organizations becomes increasingly complex and unstable, it is imperative that top managers be able to create a climate of flexibility and adaptability in their operations. Organizations must be able to undertake major change without destructive side effects to be truly successful. This course surveys the major methods available to the modern manager for effectively managing the process of change and creating a general climate in which needed changes are sought and welcomed throughout the organization.

Previously offered as: SB/OBIR 4350 3.00.

Prerequisites: SB/ORGS 2100 3.00 (previously offered as SB/ORGS 1000 3.00) (or equivalent) and SB/ORGS 2200 3.00 (previously offered as ORGS 2010 3.00) (or equivalent) or SB/INTL 2300 3.00 (previously offered as SB/INTL 1300 3.00)