OMIS 6955 3.00

Level Graduate
Department OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS - ROOM SSB 337N, (416) 736-5074 fax (416) 736-5762
Description This course is about designing and implementing service processes that respond effectively to customer requirements. Service processes involve high customer interaction, information intensive products and the requirement for real-time responsiveness to a wide variety of customer demands. Designing, implementing and maintaining these processes in a competitive environment requires service-oriented organizations to have a new level of competence. This course concentrates on the problems and opportunities found in large companies in rapidly changing industries such as financial services. Best practice and generic problems in service delivery can be found in many industries from manufacturing to retailing. Identifying effective strategies as well as specific techniques for process planning and control, and project implementation are important in the development of managerial competence in service operations. Prerequisites: SB/OMIS 5120.015 and SB/OMIS 5210.015