OMIS 3730 3.00

Level Undergraduate
Department OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS - ROOM SSB 337N, (416) 736-5074 fax (416) 736-5762

Database Management covers computerized systems used by organizations to manage the vast amount of data that encode business logic, accompany daily operations, and support data analysis. The course provides the fundamentals of database management, analysis and design as well as a hands-on experience using up-to-date tools for data and big data management. Previous programming knowledge is expected.

Prequisite: SB/OMIS 2010 and SB/OMIS 2050 3.00 (previously MGMT 2050 3.00); Year 3 BBA/iBBA standing required

Course Credit Exclusions: LE/CSE 1550 3.00, LE/EECS 1550 3.00