SUST 3200 3.00

Level Undergraduate
Department MANAGEMENT - ROOM SSB N305, 416-736-2100 X 77960 fax 416-736-5687

Previously MGMT 3200 3.00

This course serves as a general introduction to the nonprofit organization. It explores the historic roots and social, political and economic function of the nonprofit sector in Canada. It examines both the legal and policy environments in which nonprofit organizations operate, and the unique organizational structures and governance practices that are characteristic of this sector. Additionally, this course will examine the accounting, marketing, staffing and fundraising issues of the sector.

This course will appeal both to students who intend to pursue careers in the nonprofit sector, as well as to students who will be involved with nonprofit organizations over the course of their careers (either as board members and volunteers, or because their work in government or in the private sector brings them into contact and partnership with nonprofit organizations).

Course credit exclusion: SB/MGMT 3200 3.00