MFIN 5300 3.00

Level Graduate
Department MASTER OF FINANCE STUDENTS ONLY - ROOM SSB N204, 416-736-5072 fax 416-736-5687

The objective of this course is to provide an advanced analysis of the major issues affecting the financial policy of a modern corporation and the role of investment banks in facilitating those policies. We will discuss issues such as the Going-public decision of a firm and its Initial Public Offering (IPO), Security Issuance decisions such as SEO's, other corporate restructurings and M&A's, impact of corporate governance on such decisions, roles played by Analysts and Institutional Investors and their impact on such decisions and how Investment Banks take all these into account when they advise firms on these decisions.

Prerequisites: MFIN 5100 3.0, MFIN 5200 3.0
In addition, a working knowledge of basic econometrics (OLS regressions) will be necessary.