INTL 2300 3.00

Level Undergraduate

The purpose of this core course is to introduce students to organizational behaviour - a discipline that studies organizations and the individuals and groups within them. Furthermore, the course stresses the importance of developing an international perspective and cross-cultural sensitivity to organizational behaviour issues. Interpersonal and group skills and new ways of dealing with issues ranging from ethical use of organizationally based power to technological change to work-force diversity are introduced. Through cases, exercises, and experiential activities, skills in stress management ,conflict, leadership, motivation, and other work-related issues will be introduced. The central objective of the course is to create a knowledge base from which students can develop organizational competence. The course is grounded in an assessment that the changing demands on managers imply a need for intellectual flexibility and an increasingly broad range of managerial skills.

Note: Not open to BBA students for credit. Not available to exchange students visiting Schulich.
Course Credit Exclusion: SB/ORGS 1000 3.00 and SB/ORGS 2010 3.00 (or equivalent)