FINE 6880 3.00

Level Graduate

Sustainable finance exhibits one of the strongest trends in capital markets around the world. At the end of 2020, professionally managed sustainable investment strategies encompassed approximately 36% (US$35.3 trillion) of all total global assets under management. The course provides an overview of the global sustainable finance market and its different variations and explores how financial players (institutional investors, asset managers, and corporations) can manage capital and generate value through Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) lenses. It provides insights into the sustainability challenges and how finance can address these challenges with sustainable investing. Sustainable finance integrates ESG criteria into financial decisions to allocate funding to its most productive use, whereas traditional finance focuses solely on financial return and risk. Students will gain a foundation in understanding the principles underlying sustainable and responsible decision-making in finance, the guidelines on how to apply them in business and investment practice, and how regulations and market forces provide incentives that encourage desired corporate and investor behaviors.

FINE 5200 3.0, or MFIN 5100 3.0, or permission of the instructor.