FINE 6600 3.00

Level Graduate
Department FINANCE - ROOM SSB N204A, (416) 736-5073 fax (416) 736-5687
Description This course uses principles of economics, finance and accounting to examine problems in topics such as cash flow analysis, ratio analysis, strategic financial planning, interpretation of annual reports and prospectuses, economic modelling and business valuation. Students must deal with multi-faceted, ambiguous problems similar to real-world situations. The well-behaved data and simplifying assumptions used in theory courses are discarded in favour of the realistic, complex data in annual reports and other sources of financial information. Prerequisites: MBA/IMBA: ACTG 5210 1.50, FINE 5200 3.00, and OMIS 5120 1.50 or equivalent MF: MFIN 5200 3.00 Corequisites: One of SB/FINE 6100.030, SB/FINE 6200.030, SB/ACTG 6120.030 or SB/FNEN 6210.030. Course credit exclusion: SB/ACTG 6250.030 (either SB/FINE 6600.030 or SB/ACTG 6250.030, but not both, may be taken for credit)