ENTR 6905 3.00

Level Graduate

Intelligent Innovation Ecosystem Design is a two-week intensive course that unlocks the strategies behind creating a thriving Tech & Innovation Ecosystem — leveraging the incredible story of Toronto’s rapid rise to global prominence.

In 2021, Toronto was ranked as North America’s fastest growing tech market, with 80,000 tech jobs created. This development followed Toronto winning the 3-year bid to host Collision Conference, North America’s largest tech conference with 33,000 attendees, in 2019.

In the last decade, Toronto has moved from a local presence into an international one: an ecosystem that nurtures and powers up high-growth startups, scaleups and unicorns (1B or higher valuations).

What sparks and drives this next-generation innovation ecosystem?

In this hands-on course taught by Guest Lecturers from the most influential ecosystem design minds in Toronto, students will learn the frameworks and strategies behind sparking, scaling, and sustaining Tech & Innovation. This course focuses on real-life application, following the startup journey from early-stage to exit across several verticals (e.g. fintech), and examining the crucial role played by ecosystem design.

Furthermore, this MBA offering is enhanced by site visits to strategic locations, experiential learning opportunities, and facetime with leading innovators. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking and practical application, in order for students to supercharge their careers and infuse key learnings into their local tech ecosystems.