ENTR 6645 3.00

Level Graduate
Department ENTREPRENEURIAL STUDIES & FAMILY ENTERPRISE - ROOM SSB N305A, (416) 736-2100 (X77960) fax (416) 736-5687
Description The course focuses on entrepreneurial activities in large, established corporations. To survive and to enable continued growth in today's fast changing environment, large corporations need to continually renew themselves through new products and new businesses. The course will introduce students to the best practices and theory on fostering innovation through the process of identifying new ideas and converting them to commercial products and new businesses. We will discuss strategies, organizational structures and implementation challenges of new ventures within an established corporation as well as options to leverage external partners outside of the boundaries of the corporation within the process of developing new businesses. The course will be taught primarily through case studies, supplemented with lectures, guest presentations by corporate entrepreneurs, and group projects. Prerequisite: all 5000-series Required Foundations of Management Core Courses.