ACTG 6250 3.00

Level Graduate
Department ACCOUNTING - ROOM SSB S344K, (416) 736-5062 fax (416) 736-5687

This course examines why stock prices react when firms announce their earnings, and why certain trends in industry earnings affect stock prices of many firms in that industry. Under highly stylised Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), abnormal accounting earnings of a firm can be discounted to derive an estimate of the share price. This course therefore offers a direct link between accounting policy choices, abnormal earnings (based on adjusted reported earnings) and stock price valuation.

Prerequisite: SB/ACTG 5100 3.00.

Prerequisite: SB/ACTG 5101 3.00 for students pursuing the Schulich Diploma in Intermediate Accounting (DIAC).

Course Credit Exclusion: SB/FINE 6600 3.00 (either SB/ACTG 6250 3.00 or SB/FINE 6600 3.00, but not both, may be taken for credit).