Donna Flores


It's hard to think of the DAR team without thinking of you - you've been such an integral part of bringing together our alumni from around the world.

Thanks for all you have done and continue to do for our school. You are a truly amazing alumnus and set an unparalleled example that all Schulich alumni can be inspired by.

Jeffrey Choa

Congratulations on your retirement and many thanks, Bill, for the wonderful visits you did in Asia! We will miss you and wish you the very best in your future plans...


Christina Niederwanger

Dear Bill,
I remember the first time we met like it was yesterday, it was back in 2014 when I first joined the Development and Alumni Relations team. From the first day on the team I knew that you are a very kind, diplomatic, and passionate person. You have always been a wonderful ambassador, caring leader, and dedicated supporter of the Schulich School, not to mention that you haven't missed a single year since graduation in 1986 when you started to donate towards the Schulich Annual Fund. Thank you. The School is very fortunate to have had your outstanding support over the past 36 years.

I wish you and Jennifer, good health, continuous happiness, and more time to spend with your grandchildren and loved ones. Congratulations again, Bill! I look forward to seeing you at an alumni event in the near future.

Best wishes,

Charmaine Courtis

Bill, well done, it as so good to be here today and to see that you were celebrated. David and I wish you and Jennifer good luck in the years ahead.. and happy golfing.
Best wishes

Helen Wong

Dear Bill,

Thank you for your leadership and friendship in the past years! Really hope to see you back in Asia sometime! Happy retirement!!!

All the best,


Mark Matthews

Dear Bill; It was a pleasure knowing you in your capacity as president of the global alumni network - I was very impressed by your dedication and the school's stature beyond Canada's borders is in no small part due to you. I look forward to our continued friendship and your next visit to Singapore ! Sincerely, Mark Matthews

Pam Laycock

I was truly honoured to share a few thoughts at the celebration about Bill and his amazing legacy with the Schulich Alumni.

I first met Bill in 2007 when I joined the Toronto Alumni Chapter Executive. From that moment, Bill showed himself to be a passionate champion for our alumni all over the world.

As I take the baton pass from Bill, I am reminded of the great lessons I’ve learned from him.

He has taught me that the Schulich alumni bond is strong around the world. He has wonderful stories from his visits with alumni and friendships made all over the world.

He has taught me how to bring the voice of alumni back into the school.
And he has shown me a wonderful example of how to be the ultimate ambassador, always acting with grace, diplomacy and undying passion for the school.

I am grateful to Bill for taking me under his wing. I call Bill my “Yoda” – my wise guide in all things Schulich, in my career and as a dear friend.

Bill, even though your touch on Schulich alumni will be less obvious going forward, know that we will all carry the baton following your stellar example, and hopefully making you proud.

And I look forward to catching up with you and Jennifer at an alumni event in the near future, and this time the stories will be on me.

Thank you again Bill for all that you have done for Schulich and for me.

Chris Creed

Appreciate all your efforts to support the school!

And thanks again for the get togethers in Naples - maybe we'll see you there soon?

Chris & Karen

Claude LeBlanc


It’s been a true pleasure getting to know you. Thank you for your tireless effort in successfully developing and engaging the Schulich Alumni network over so many years.

Let’s keep in touch!

Best wishes,
Claude LeBlanc MBA ‘91

Edmund Wei

From Beijing, Shanghai to Hong Kong, our get togethers throughout the years have been insightful, global, and rewarding. Your personal touch and genuine care for each one of us was always heartwarming. Schulich couldn’t have found a better ambassador to keep our alumni family so closely knit. Though it’s been a while since we met up in person, I look forward to the day when we can. Good retirement my friend, there is still a world of friends out there waiting to share tales with you. Edmund Wei
MBA ‘92